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Back home again…

Well, our two weeks in Nicaragua have officially come to a close. After another super early start, we made it back to Wichita early this evening (Friday, June 15th).

It was a bittersweet goodbye for all of us. I believe each of us feel as if we all have a new family within our mission team. I cannot thank God enough for the way He formed this team and put us together the way He did. Each individual brought their different skills and personality traits and all those skills and traits came together in perfect harmony to help us serve the Lord in all we did. It made us so very effective in Nicaragua.

What an unbelievable experience for all of us. Each of us have countless memories that will last a lifetime. God worked in SO many ways. He is SO good!

Thank you for following our blog!!

                 -Sterling College Nicaragua Mission Team-Summer 2012

Adios Nicaragua

Wow I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I remember the first weekend here thinking how slow this is going to go, I was definitely wrong. Building relationships with the kids at the two schools we went to was so incredible. God proved to us each and everyday that his work is rewarding and he is always faithful. We got to see over 100 people accept Christ into their lives and we got to plant seeds in many many more hearts. Even though we had to leave these two school, God isn’t. He is going to be doing so much more there. This trip has changed my life and I know many people say that after a trip like this but I know God is doing great things in my life. Being here had also reminded me that I’m not done yet, I have to carry over this fire when I get home. Because though people in Nicaragua needed to hear about God, so do many people in the United States. Words can’t tell you how thankful I am for the guys and girls I got to minister with. I love them all so much and know that I have a new family walking away from this opportunity!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Now just pray we can get home safe :)


…..this is Sparta!

The Mona Lisa is not in France, it’s in Nicaragua. A fun fact for all ya nerds! Poop isn’t a good topic to talk about when trying to impress women! Kayla and I had a romantic dance while some guys serenaded us! Bradley Jason and I sang a little Garth Brooks while eating some good pizza and Stacy(kc) bought me an ice cream sandwich! I’m a pretty lucky guy.
The Holy Spirit has touched many lives since we have been down here. He has opened many door for us to talk to many kids and adults. I feel like a father, Randi led a bible study and then she preached the gospel today. I was so proud of her, I hope my daughters end up being like her. Ted spoke to a group of girls today,who hadn’t really cared about what was going on all week and changed many of these girls life’s. They were so responsive after he got done talking to them. The Holy Spirit was in this place, my words can’t describe and do justice to what transformations took place. Not only in the lives of the people we worked with but your own lives.
Our baptism in the ocean was one of the neatest experiences I have had the privilege to be apart of. Bj did an amazing job baptizing in the name of the lord. Shout out to Ted, Cassi, Carley, And Randi.

This is captain spiny checking out!


While being in Nicaragua I didn’t think that I would have conquered as many challenges as I have. My team was so great and supportive of me. When I accomplished my challenge they all said how proud they were of me!
My first challenge was giving my testimony in front of the class. I am a very shy person,therefore I was extremely nervous. But I did it and it turned out great! Then our contact Melissa volunteered me to lead a bible study for the teachers. I thought she was kidding at first, but nope she was serious! My whole team was behind me, offering their time to let me use them for practice if I wanted. When it came time a lot of my team came into the classroom with me instead of playing with the kids to support me. Then my last challenge was leading a class to the Lords prayer. Why I volunteered for this I have no idea! But again my team stood beside me the whole time and told me that they were all proud which meant the world to me.
Being here I was blessed to meet Freddy and JoJo, two of our translators. I have come to love them so much and have grown really close with them these past few weeks. While being here JoJo would come up to me and say you have to believe in God, because when God is with you no one can defeat you; therefor you can do anything! During all of the challenges I have faced these past two weeks, that has become incredibly clear to me.
I want to thank the Webers for opening up their house to us and giving us this opportunity. I want to thank Mina, who was an excellent cook and a wonderful person to get to know. Gema who was one of our translators, and for being one of the sweetest and funniest person ever. I also want to thank JoJo and Freddy for believing in me and being so supportive of me in everything that I did! I love and will miss y’all!
Randi Lucas

Our adventure is coming to an end…

It’s hard to believe we are approaching the end of our trip! When the trip started, June 15th seemed so far away. Now here we are…how time flies when you’re having fun and doing God’s will.:-)

I could tell you about so many special moments on this trip. It seemed like something amazing happened every place we went and after every conversation. Time and time again I was reminded how wonderful God is and how very blessed I am.

I cannot even begin to express to you how grateful I am that I was able to go on this trip. I went on one three years ago that changed my life. With that trip, I thought I was looking to fill a hole in my heart left from being done with playing basketball but it showed me that that hole had always been there and that God was the only thing that could truly fill it. This trip has helped me grow in my love and understanding of God and in my confidence in myself. It has been awesome!!! The memories and experiences I’ve had on this trip and the things I’ve learned will be with me always!!

Although I am sad to leave Nicaragua and to part ways with my wonderful team, I am anxious to get home, see the people I love, and tell everyone about this wonderful experience.

Thank you for following our blog about our special journey! We could feel your prayers throughout our trip. Thank you SO much for your love and support!!


God is good all the time.
All the time God is good.


I can’t believe today was our last day in Nicaragua. These past two weeks have FLOWN by! I have learned so much on this trip and my faith has strengthened because of the people I have encountered, my team, and God revealing Himself in every situation. I am so happy I came on this trip. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I love every single person on this team, I couldn’t of asked for a better group of people to experience this with. I am sad to think of all the children here in Nicaragua that lives we have not touched but God reminds me how many kids and adults lives He has changed on this trip through us! I thank you all for your prayers and support and I can’t wait to get home and share it with everyone!!


Kayla :)

HOLY spirit

Today was amazing. I had no clue what god was going to do this morning when i woke up. Today the parents showed up at the high school so that we could talk to them. The plan was to share the gospel with them and tell them all that we had talked to their children about and me Carley Ted and some others were going to share apart of our testimony. So about 25 to 30 parents showed up. They were so attentive And melissa had their complete attention once she said the word SEX. They all said they wanted to know how to share God’s view of sex with their children. Then Melissa asked them to bow and pray to accept Christ if they had not ever done that. As she stated praying the holy spirit wrapped all around me. When she asked who had accepted Christ about 15 people raised their hands! I knew in that very moment that these parents were so genuine. They want to change their country they want to change their city and they want to change their children’s future. I had to speak next and could barely choke any words out the spirit of Christ was so apparent in the room both me and our interpreter Freddy had to gather ourselves. That moment for me made the entire trip. it was like all 14 days were building up for this moment in which Christ showed himself, in which the power of God was undeniable and in which we were all consumed by the holy spirit.

I continued to share that because my parents had talked to me at a young age I am 21 years old and have never had sex. some others in our group shared similar And very different stories. I know that through our stories God changed lives today and now those parents can help direct their children they way God wants them too. Today was my favorite day by far.

God is good
All the time
All the time
God is good


See you tomorrow mom and papa

The grade school children saying goodbye to us this morning (Thursday, June 14th).

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